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It´s been a long journey

After some time thinking about it and after several attempts to find a bit of calm, at the end I'm about to start this blog.

I do not know where all this project will take me, but I certainly hope that it will serve as a way to share my journey in this creative passion. Truly expressing myself creatively, gives me the opportunity to leave a piece of me inside each jewel.

I embark on this adventure to narrate my experiences to follow one of my dreams without leaving aside the rest of my goals to achieve gradually.

2017 has been with out a doubt a year of transcendence for me.

The main change has been the birth of my first child Hebron. A great blessing that is teaching me much more than I could ever have imagined. A great blessing that also involves a lot of effort to find a balance between what were my previous objectives, my current reality and how to get all the pieces of this big puzzle in order, so I can remain true to myself. A free spirited sagittarius. 

The second big change has been moving from Barcelona to London in the sixth month of my pregnancy, to start a new life with my amazing partner and father of my son. Without a doubt, it has been hard to leave behind family and friends in such an important moment like becoming a mother, but I have never been one of the people who give up easily. I feel very grateful for all the support I have especially from my man. In addition I have also won a wonderful new family! My family and friends back home support me every day from a distance so I can not help but feel happy.

The subject of jewelry has come and gone for many year of my life. But we have finally met again.

In 2007 I launched my first project related to this sector and that was also my first business. I joined two wonderful people and opened Danta Complements. My business partners and I opened a beautiful accessories store, which made me learn about the good and the bad that comes with running a business when you’re young. This was a great project that finally led to three stores in Barcelona, ​​which were against the critical economic situation that my country was going through at that time. The economic situation and several events in my personal life led me to leaving this business in 2011. I then began to live a life of total self-knowledge and internal evolution. Until one day, suddenly several factors took me back to reconnect with this passion for jewelry.

 I am a woman of faith who trusts her way and who knows that in life there are processes that take time to reach their peak. To fulfil my dreams of the future, it was important to learn from my experiences of the past. It could be the way to explain how my relationship with jewelry creation has been. Suddenly without realising, I found myself getting involved in this in a different way: now I was determined to create my own designs! So I started from scratch, self-teaching and taking metalsmith classes to expand my abilities. 

I have to admit that this reconnection has also been stimulated by David, my partner. Since I began shareing my projects with him he has always helped me to continue believing in myself and my creations.

And in the midst of all this evolution I became pregnant with Hebron. A great experience that has also challenged me in staying focussed on my professional life. Just a few months ago I was able to come back to work, design a new collection and finally create my online store.

So in summary I can say that my dreams are being fulfilled and that perseverance and effort are worth it if at the end you can see yourself in the position you have always dreamed of.

Now I am just about to share all this passion and creation with you all.

Once again thanks for your support and love.