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¿Es fácil dirigir un negocio online? Y otras preguntas. Palipa jewelry Studio episodio 2

Es fácil llevar un negocio online? Y otras preguntas. Palipa Jewelry Studio episodio 2     - ¿En qué encuentras inspiración? - ¿Cómo es su estudio? Estas son las principales preguntas que Paula Lipa, creadora y diseñadora de Palipa Jewelry, responde a lo largo de este video Blog. La meditación y el veganismo son otros temas que surgen en la grabación de este capítulo. También nos muestra algunos de sus diseños de la colección Stainless Steel y el proceso de trabajo para realizar uno de sus colgantes.   - Is it easy to run an online business? - Where do you find inspiration? - How is your studio? These are the main questions that Paula Lipa, creator and designer of...

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It's 2:40 am and after a long time tossing and turning in bed without being able to sleep, I decided to write to appease all this mixture of sensations that keep me awake. I try to battle these frequent tests of my patience with peace and tranquility. Tonight though, without a doubt, this test is stealing my sleep.I was never patient at all and at this moment I can appreciate how I have been improving in this sense during the last years. Yoga and meditation have been a wonderful tool to bring me peace and understanding, as well as a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. Lately I have tried to be more consistent in practicing yoga, because since motherhood, my routine...

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It´s been a long journey

After some time thinking about it and after several attempts to find a bit of calm, at the end I'm about to start this blog.I do not know where all this project will take me, but I certainly hope that it will serve as a way to share my journey in this creative passion. Truly expressing myself creatively, gives me the opportunity to leave a piece of me inside each jewel. I embark on this adventure to narrate my experiences to follow one of my dreams without leaving aside the rest of my goals to achieve gradually. 2017 has been with out a doubt a year of transcendence for me.The main change has been the birth of my first child...

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