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About Us

About Palipa Jewelry

Palipa Jewelry is the result of the implementation of creativity, inspiration, dedication and knowledge of different experiences learned over more than a decade.

A way of projecting out from the inner essence, creating and sharing designs that are inspired from meditation, thus expressing in physical form a part of the soul of its creator Paula Lipa.

A business with ethical values in constant research of new eco-friendly suppliers and materials to develop our work in a most sustainable way. 
Our pieces are cruelty free and handmade in the UK.
Combinations of stones and metals providing a wide range of positive properties and good vibrations.

Creations with a positive and spiritual touch, full of beauty to be enjoyed by both its bearers and observers.



 About Paula Lipa

She is the designer and founder of Palipa Jewelry.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, with Andalusian roots and influenced by Asian culture. An enterprising mother, yoga and meditation practitioner, vegan and nature lover. She is a hopeful dreamer who believes that a better world is possible by starting to improve with small actions.


Excited and happy to share these creations, inspired through her spiritual growth and experiences lived between her hometown and Nottingham. In addition, her trips to mystical destinations such as India and Nepal have made an impression that is reflected in each unique piece. 


I would really like to thank your for visiting my website and for your support! I’m truly fortunate to be able to dedicate myself to doing what I like most and to share it with you in jewel form. I create every piece with love and I impregnate a little bit of my soul in them too. If you would like to know more about my work in a more personal way you can check my blog "It´s a long journey" where I write about my experience as a jewelry artist  and entrepreneurial woman trying to find the balance between my professional life and being a dedicated mum.

Blessings, peace and love.